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Blayney Mart was established in 1963 by Edward Paul Nugent who saw the need to move away from the old system of street fairs where each farmer had to haggle with buyers to sell his animals. The mart system is much fairer to the vendor where in potential buyers have to bid against each other thus achieving a better price. This system has stood the test of time for over 50 years. Sheep and Pig Auctions have been held every Monday since 1963.

From October 2015 the sheep & pig auction will be held on Saturday mornings at 10 am to suit part time farmers.

Horse auction on the second Saturday of each month.

Cattle Auctions were traditionally held on Thursdays, but when Carrickmacross mart closed down over a decade ago, the cattle auction was moved to Fridays. Horse and Donkey Auctions are held on the second Saturday of each month. Alongside the livestock mart, EP Nugent also established a real estate sales, letting and valuation business,  Plant & Machinery Auctions are held periodically.
Since 1980 the entire operation has been run by the late E.P. Nugent's (RIP 2008) son Arthur Connell Hugh Nugent ably assisted by his sister Carmel, sister- in- law Maura and four other office staff together with 10/12 part- time yard staff. Connell Nugent is a Chartered Surveyor - a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Surveyor and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor's in London.

 Blayney Marts' three key principles are:-

            A. Animal Welfare.   B. Fair play for all Homo Sapiens & Senitent Beings..  (C)100% Transparency in all dealings.

Conditions of Sale


  1. The highest approved bidder shall be the Purchaser, subject to the rights reserved by the Vendor, and if any dispute arises as to any bid, the Lot in dispute shall be put up again at the last undisputed bid, or the Auctioneer may declare the Purchaser.


  2. No Lot or Lots shall be removed from the premises until paid for: but each and every lot shall, immediately at the fall of the hammer, be considered as delivered, and be and remain in every respect at the absolute risk of the respective Purchaser thereof, and shall be removed from the place of sale at the Purchaser’s expense.On payment of the purchase money, a permit to remove the animal or lot purchased will be given to the Buyer, and no animal or lot shall be removed from the premises without such permit.


  3. If any person shall fail to comply with the above conditions, or any part of them, the Auctioneers shall be a t liberty to either recover in full the amount of the lot or lots bought by such Purchaser, without reference to any delivery or acceptance of the lot or lots other than the first delivery by the fall of the hammer, or to re- sell any lotor lots bought by the Purchasers, either by public or private sale: and the full amount of the purchase money at the present sale, or the deficiency (if any), arising from such second sale, shall be made good by the defaulter at the present sale, and be recoverable as and for liquidated damages.


  4. Purchases and Venders to understand that, although every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of the animals, the Auctioneers will not be responsible for loss or accidents of any kind that may occur.


  5. The Proprietors reserve to themselves full power and liberty to exclude and remove any person from the premises and will not be responsible for any injury that may be done to any person within their premises.


  6. Every animal entered for sale must pass through the Sale Ring.No private sales allowed prior to Auction.The ordinary commission will be charged on all animals sold privately after the sale by auction.


  7. The Auctioneers (or anyone selling on their behalf) shall not incur any liability in respect of any announcement or statement made relative to, or affecting any animal offered for sale, or any liability in relation to any disputes between Sellers and Buyers of animals.No implied warranty is under any circumstances to be deemed to have given by the Auctioneers or any Clerk, or servant of theirs.


  8. Purchasers paying by cheque must be prepared, if required to produce letters of credit from Bankers.


  9. Every animal offered for sale is warranted by the Owners thereof to be correct in health, unless otherwise stated, but such warranty shall only run until the Sale Yard closes on the day of the sale and any Buyer claiming that an animal purchased by him is unsound shall immediately give notice thereof to the Auctioneer and Seller. Any complaint or fault of unsoundness notified by the Owner on the day of the sale, and named by the Auctioneer at the time of sale, of any animal shall be expected from any such warranty, and the animal shall be sold and purchased subject to and with such complaint, fault or unsoundness.


  10. Where the Seller disputes the correctness of a complaint, the Purchaser may employ a Veterinary Surgeon: should the Seller dispute the decision of the said Veterinary Surgeon he may appoint his own Veterinary Surgeon and, if he agrees with the first, the Auctioneers are to nominate a third Veterinary Surgeon, whose decision shall be binding on both Buyer and Seller, and the party in error shall pay all expenses connected with such examination.


  11. Every Springing and Calved Cow or Heifer, except when stated by the Auctioneers at the time of sale to be wrong in its udder or teats, is warranted by the Seller as correct in the udder and teats, but such warranty shall only be run until 1 hour after the Conclusion Of The Sale by Auction; and if during such time the animal shall be found faulty in the udder or teats, or in any teat, and notice of such fault shall be within such time given to the Auctioneers or the Clerks, the sale shall be rescinded, and the animal taken back by the Seller.If no such notice shall be given within the time aforesaid, or the animal having left the sale yard, the Buyer shall be deemed to accept the animal as right in the udder and teats, and the warranty shall cease.


    The term”correct” in the case of all dairy cows and heifers in milk or in calf shall mean ;-


  12. Are correct in their teats, udders and mouth.


  13. Are properly cleaned


  14. Are not vicious or unmanageable


  15. Do not run or suck their milk.

    All claims under (1), (3), (4) must be made inside 1 hour of the conclusion of the sale of Dairy animals, see clause 11, above.  All claims under (3) above, must reach the Company’s office not later than 4 p.m. on the day following the day of sale.


  16. All store animals are sold, unless otherwise stated, as being free from all confusion marks and mutilations of any kind that would leave them ineligible for Subsidy Payment in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


  17. Every fat store heifer sold is warranted free of calf, but such warranty shall only run until the Sale Yard closes on the day of Sale.See clause 11.



  18. Transport –Where a client requires transport for stock to or from the Sales Yard, the Company will arrange for this at the owners sole risk and expense.


  19. The Auctioneers act as Agents, and any legal action arising out of any transaction shall be between the Buyer and Seller who are the principals.


    Horse Sale

    (In conjunction with usual Livestock Sale Conditions)

  20. No lot to be sold privately before the auction of that lot, all lots must go through the ring.

  21. The Auctioneer may without giving reason, refuse the bidding of any person, subject the highest bidder shall be the purchaser.

  22. Should a disputearise, the Auctioneer may, at his discretion, immediately put up for resale the lot in dispute or declare which bidder he thinks is the purchaser, The Auctioneer decision is binding.


  23. The pedigree, history and description of each animal shall be warranted to be correct in all particulars by Vendor.But every animal shall be sold subject to all faults.No liability whatever is undertaken by the Auctioneer, for the statements appearing in the catalogue.The vendors are alone responsible for any error or mis- statement.


  24. The Purchaser’s remedy in cases of breach of warranty or mis-statement shall be against the vendor, not against the Auctioneer.The Vendors remedy in all cases of dispute shall be against the Purchaser, and not against the Auctioneer, who only acts as an agent between the Vendor and Purchaser.


  25. Should any lot pass out of the sale unsold and be subsequently sold privately, the purchaser shall pay the commissionon such sale and said sale must be notified to the Auctioneer by the Vendor and the Purchaser defaulters will be barred fromtaking part in any further sales.


  26. Commision of 2½% shall be charged to both Vendor and Purchaser.


  27. The Vendor reserves the right to withdraw any lot before the Auctioneers hammer falls.


  28. Vendors must provide competent persons to take charge of animals up to close of sale, whether sold or unsold.No undertaking by the Auctioneer or his servants to take charge of any lots, at any time or to forward them to their destination, shall be held to impose upon the Auctioneer, any legal obligation.Al costs in risk of handling are at all times the responsibility of the owner.


(10) No lot or lots shall be removed from the premises till paid for, but each and every lot shall, at the fall of the hammer be considered as delivered and be in every respect at the risk of the purchaser.


(11) The Auctioneer shall not be answerably for any deficiency that may arise on the resale of unclaimed property and reserves the right to resell such property, but will give the Vendor all reasonable assistance to have contract enforced.

(12) No payment will be made to the Vendor of any lot unless the lot be cleared by the purchaser.

(13) Should any question arise, not provided for in the foregoing conditions of sale the decision of the Auctioneer shall final from which there is no appeal.

(14) Every animal offered for sale is warranted by the Owners or Vendors thereof to be correct in health unless otherwise stated.  Any faults should be publicly announced at time of sale.

Faults Include: curbs, side bones, spavens, throughpins, hernias, piles etc, and vices such as habitual weaver.  (I.E Habitual swings its head and neck to and fro and transfers weight from one fore limb to the other alternatively) for habitual box walker (I.E. Habitual walks either backwards and forwards or round and round the box repeatedly and in an aimless manner)  Windsucker (I.E. swallows air whether in association with grasping fixed objects with in cisor teeth or not) or has been operated upon for the correction of this condition including crib biting, whistler and or roarer, which has been tubed or otherwise operated upon for the correction of whistling and or roaring – any lot which can be heard to make a characters abnormal inspiratory sound when actively  excercised and which has laryngeal hemiplegia when examined with the endoscope tailbeating etc..

The purchaser may throw up any lot for any of these faults, if the fault was not publicly announced from the Auctioneers rostrum.  Purchasers should check out the animals for faults immediately after the hammer falls but should but the fault not be readily recognisable he/she has until the following Friday at 12 noon to reject the lot. (6 days) in such circumstances the lot must be returned by the Purchaser to the Livestock market Yard together with a Veterinary Certificate.  No allowance will be made for this expense by the Auctioneers or Vendors.  The Vendors must then remove the animal from the Livestock Mart Yard at their own expense.

(15) No payment will be made by the Auctioneers to the Vendors until such time as the lot has been cleared to be correct  by the Purchasers who have 6 days from day of sale to reject the animal for a fault not announced at sale.

(16) No payment will be made by the Auctioneers to the Vendors until Purchasers cheque has been cleared by the bank.

(17) In the event of the Purchasers cheque being of no value.  The Auctioneers will give every assistance  to the Vendors to regain possession of the animal/animals.

(18) As regards pregnant mares, any guarantee that a mare is in foal holds good for 6 days after the Auction Date.  Guarantee such as “Scanned in Foal” “Blood Tested to be in Foal” “Intra Vulva Inspection”.

The purchaser accepts that the guarantee stands for 6 days only and if the animal is not visably in foal then he should retain his own Veterinary Surgeon ……….

(CTD 18)  To Check Same.

The mare must be returned immediately together with a Veterinary Certificate if not in foal.

There can be no comeback after 6 days alloted.

(19) (A) Nugent’s reserve the right to fix a minium price at all or any sales.  Subject thereto and to any reserve price.  The highest bidder acceptable to the Auctioneers shall be the Purchaser.

(B) Subject to (a) Nugent’s Reserve the right to sell without reserve unless written instructions to the contrary are received by them before the sale. A Vendor shall be entitled to place a reserve on any lot and the  Auctioneers  shall have the right to bid as an agent  of the vendor for any lot on which a reserve of minium selling price has been placed up to that a lot be resubmitted for sale as an “End of Day Sale” that the sale shall be without reserve.

(C) The Auctioneer is the sole arbiter as to the existence or otherwise of any dispute  and if any dispute shall arise the lot so disputed shall be but up again and resold.

(D) The Auctioneer Reserves the right to withdraw any lot  or lots  before or during  any sale without giving any reasons therefor.

(E) Subject to (b) No Vendor shall in any circumstances whatever bid or allow any agent or other person to bid on his behalf for any lot owned by such Vendor whether individually in syndicate or in partership save that this restriction shall be extended to lots  which are stated in the catalogue to be “Partnership Property” if a lot is so stated to be partnership property” any partner, syndicate  member or other joint owner may bid  thereon either personally or through an agent.













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